Winning author of Feelgood of the Year Adlibrispriset and nominated to Feelgoodpriset and Best novel - Storytel Awards

Hanna Blixt is a best-selling Swedish author writing feel good novels for adults as well as historical fiction and fantasy series for children.

Hanna´s first novel, Glass Veranda by the Lake, was published by Historiska Media. It´s been a mega success in Sweden and is sold to several countries. The book is a gripping, heartwarming, romantic, and humorous story about two lives that are surprisingly intertwined with each other, set in an atmosphere of cinnamon, cloves and mulled wine around Christmas time in the picturesque heartland of Sweden. Think Love Actually and The Holiday with a Scandinavian twist. This is the first book of three about Nora and Viktor. It has topped the charts in Switzerland and hit Der Spiegel bestseller list in Germany dec 2023.

The second book in the series The Gallery by the Lake was released in May 2021 and as the Glass Veranda with a Lake View it went straight to the top of the charts and stayed there. Aftonbladet Söndag wrote: "One of the best feelgood of the year".
In May 2022 the third book was released: Balcony by the Sea, and it was the winning book of Feelgood of the year - Adlibrispriset 2022.

Her most recent books for the younger audience, The Mission in London, The Hideaway in Amsterdam and The Escape from Budapest has become a hugh success. The books are set at crucial moments during WWII. These books are both riveting page-turners for 9-12yr old, as well as a great introduction to the subject of history, and the act of reading. The series Guardians of the History is released by Tukan Förlag in Sweden, and all books went straight to the top of the charts where they still can be found (more than one year later).

Hanna Blixt is represented by Stilton Literary Agency (children books) and Bonnier Rights (Feelgood novels). Bookrights are sold to eight languages.
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Rights sold to:

Czech Republic – Grada/Metafora
Denmark – Straarup & Co
Estonia – Tammerraamat
Germany – Penguin Random House
Italy – Mauri Spagnol, Vallardi
Lithuania – Nieko Rimto
Norway – Strawberry Publishing
Sweden – Bazar förlag, Historiska Media och Tukan förlag

Glasveranda by the Lake

Nora flees abruptly from her apartment in Stockholm when it turns out that her controlling boyfriend Jonas has been unfaithful. To get some distance to everything, she takes the train to idyllic Leksand and her friend Vega who offers comfort. Nora rents a small log cabin with a glass veranda and lake view, and she promises herself never to fall for a man again, but then she meets Viktor – the charming neighbor who seems to be hiding a secret.
  Meanwhile, the washed up author Niklas is trying to take advantage of an old man called Torsten, who has a failing memory, but a fantastic ability to tell stories and captivate an audience, something Niklas is lacking. Niklas bribes the old man with coffee and cookies to get him to start talking, and Torsten begins to reveal the story of his life, which includes a tragic accident that turns out to be linked to Nora.

The series is now completed with five books.

Winner of Feelgod of the year 2022 (Adlibris läsarpris) and nominated to Storytel Awards 2020

The series Guardian of History

The mission in London

  • Title: Uppdraget i London (The Mission in London) by Jakob and Hanna Blixt
  • The series Guardian of History, No 1
  • Genre: Middle Grade Fiction
  • Publisher: Tukan Förlag | 2021

With great accuracy, Hanna and Jakob Blixt manage to convey how we are all part of creating history! The Mission in London is the first book in a trilogy that triggers interest in our world history and is a great introduction to both the subject of history and the act of reading. Real page-turners for 9-12yr olds.

Since the beginning of time, two secret societies have been fighting each other; one to preserve history, the other one to change it. When Milton and Iona accidently change the past so that the Nazis win the war, they are drawn into a dangerous adventure.

They travel in time back to World War II and 1940s London. Now they have to put everything right. On a submarine off the coast, they take part in one of the most fascinating events of World War II, Operation Mincemeat, in which a dead soldier and forged documents play crucial roles for the outcome of the war. Will Milton and Iona succeed in restoring history and returning to the present as we know it?

The Hideaway in Amsterdam

  • Title: Gömstället i Amsterdam (The Hideaway in Amsterdam) by Jakob and Hanna Blixt
  • The series Guardian of History, No 2
  • Genre: Middle Grade Fiction
  • Publisher: Tukan Förlag | 2021

The time travelers Milton and Iona end up in the 1940s Amsterdam where they accidentally share a hideaway with none other than Anne Frank and her family. The unexpected encounter makes it difficult for Milton and Iona to stand by the promise they have made to the other time travelers: never to intervene in history.

Will they be able to save Anne Frank and her family without changing the course of history? And how much do we really know about our past?

The Hideaway in Amsterdam is the exciting continuation of The Mission in London in the series The Guardians of History. The books accurately describe how our past is connected to present time and that we are all involved in the making of history.

The last book in the trilogy, The Espape from Budapest, was released i March 2022.

In the search for Milton´s parents Milton and Iona make a final time travel that brings them to Budapest in the 1940s, a city that is both occupied by the Germans and threatened by Soviet forces.

They meet the Swede Raoul Wallenberg, a diplomat who does everything to protect those threatened by the Holocaust. Milton and Iona are involved in his work, but hiding refugees is anything but risk-free.
To keep history on track, Milton’s parents need to meet one of World War II’s most feared men — Heinrich Himmler, commander of Hitler’s SS forces. Will they survive such a meeting? And can Milton and Iona bring them back to the present, before it’s too late?


Saga Falls series

The series could be described as a mix between Lord of the Rings and Narnia – but with a unique concept, featuring a battle between chess pieces, and a map that expands and grows bigger for every adventure. Hanna’s writing also displays a certain Scandinavian bittersweet warmth, reminiscent of Astrid Lindgren. Every book in the series is an adventure of one of the six different chess pieces.

The storyline of the Saga Falls is similar to modern day videogames and it captures both reluctant readers as well as bookworms.
The antagonist in the series is Styx and the protagonist The Snowy Owl. The Snowy Owl is not there in person, and the resistance against Styx must be fought by the siblings Sofia and Leo from our world which is called Mirroria in the books.

The seventh and the last book takes place before the other ones, and sets the stage for the whole series, and here you finally get to know the mysterious character Snowy Owl. Many readers have expressed that after finishing the seventh book, they want to start reading the Saga Falls series all over again.